Who Cares What Evil Lurks In The Hearts Of Men?

An inspirational slogan, really.

An inspirational slogan, really.

Sunday, some excellent friends and I did an excellent thing.

In the evening, we went to Largo at the Coronet, near the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. That’s where the Thrilling Adventure Hour does it’s performances. You can click the link, by the way…that’s why it’s there.

Oh…you didn’t click the link? Fine…I know that not many of them get clicked, actually. I can see it on my end, at the “diagnostic” side of the web site, so don’t think I’m fooled. If you didn’t click the link, let me give you the Cliff’s Notes of what it’s all about, and why you SHOULD click the link.

The “Thrilling Adventure Hour” is a staged production and podcast in the style of old time radio that is held regularly at Largo, a Los Angeles nightclub located in the former Coronet Theatre. Each episode features three non-serialized segments as well as songs and commercials from fictional sponsors. When you show up at Largo, it’s like they are putting on a proper, old time radio show, and you are the studio audience. The recording goes to podcast on the internet, which you can find at the link.

On Sunday night, both of the segments that were featured were episodes of “Beyond Belief.” In the segments, Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster play Frank and Sadie Doyle, a pair of fast-talking married mediums in the vein of Nick and Nora Charles. Although this pair of high-society types would rather enjoy martinis and each others company, Frank and Sadie usually end up solving paranormal mysteries. Each episode begins with Frank asking “Who cares what evil lives in the hearts of men?” in the same way that the Shadow’s radio show opened.

Well…the Shadow was introduced with “Who KNOWS what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” obviously Frank takes things a bit less seriously, but looks classy while doing so.

Each episode Sadie responds with, “Unless evil is carrying the martini tray, darling,” setting the tone for our paranormal investigators.

The two episodes this weekend involved dealing with a co dependent mummy and a cat goddess in an Egyptian pyramid, and then, in the second one, defeating animated mannequins with fine clothing and alcohol. It’s pretty hilarious stuff, and I can’t recommend the shows enough. A good time was had by all who attended, and it’s not really that inconvenient in West Los Angeles to see live. Today…in my eternally long planning period, I listened to an episode of the podcast while grading papers.

Once again, as a result of this, we see Cap in fancy clothing. That’s gotten much more commonplace over the past couple of months. Heck, I am actually having adult clothes delivered from a tailor today, which suggest that life is imitating art, if not the other way around. Cap is also uncharacteristically happy in the art, although that could just be the constant stream of fancy martinis.

In short…check out the podcast for “Thrilling Adventure Hour,” or if you live in Los Angeles, check out a show. It’s definitely worth the while…the actors clearly enjoy it, and it is amazingly clever.


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