Unexpected Cake Ninja!

Does this seem random?  Good...so is the scheduling at the Edu-Mountain.

Does this seem random? Good…so is the scheduling at the Edu-Mountain.

So…this is a pretty random three panel arrangement. The Cake Ninja isn’t really a cake, as he says…he’s a mystic Ninja that gets powers from cakes, and hides in plain sight as a big, @#$%ed up person/cake. Cake Ninja was a hassle to draw, so yeah, he got two panels.

So really…what’s it all about?

Let’s talk about the last two days. Wednesday was a nice, normal school day. Proper bell schedule, no surprises, and it was possible to get work done. Serious work, as we build toward next week’s Mock Trial Date. Witness testimony began to be prepared, Direct Examinations planned…it was a good day, where students were getting really into applying the text to their arguments.

Today (see…that’s why it’s a post just under deadline) did NOT go that way.

Today had a fire alarm go off during passing period. That requires all of the school…teachers and students…to immediately go to the football field. Students are to rendezvous with their homeroom teachers there, and the homeroom teachers are supposed to take attendance. It’s almost exactly what we practiced earlier in the week, except for the added element of finding your teacher.

I grabbed Princess Pony, the Emergency Backpack, and the big sign that informs everyone that the class for Room 302 is near me, and left. I ran into one of my students immediately, and we walked together. My class quickly assembled, which was just fine.

When I opened the Emergency Backpack, it had the class rosters of another teacher in it, instead of mine. That was frustrating, but not that bi a problem…it was easy enough to rapidly set up a sign in sheet, and get everyone checked in. However, somehow whole classes got lost. Seriously, they were completely unaccounted for. We needed to stay on the football field until those classes were discovered, which took some time. Some serious time. By the time we got back to my class, the period had ten minutes remaining.

After that was lunch. There, I was supposed to help out with the Spirit Week activities, but those have functionally not been happening. Tickets were supposed to be sold for Movie Night (which will start in a few hours) as well as for Homecoming. Neither ticket booth was set up on time, or in a way that made it clear what they were. Eventually, the Leadership teacher waved me off the scene, telling me that I “could go,” while simultaneously complaining that no one ever helps her out with the Leadership and Spirit tasks.

Tomorrow’s schedule is a shortened day…so that we can have a Mandatory Pep Rally during school hours. How much of a Pep Rally is it if students are forced to be on hand? I’ve been teaching for eighteen years now, and I have never had school stop classes for a Spirit event in this way. I have no idea what will be happening…all that I do know is that I will need to meet up with my Homeroom, and we are supposed to sit together, wearing black, in a specific section of the bleachers. Seriously, those are the only instructions that I have, for an 82 minute long activity.

After that there is a several hour gap…followed by the Homecoming Game and Homecoming Dance. Despite being supervision for both, I have exactly NO information about what I am expected to actually DO at those events, much like the Pep Rally.

You’ll notice that ALL of this keeps me from actually doing anything silly like teaching class this week. In fact, Wednesday will be the only normal, uninterrupted full school day of the week.

That’s why today’s strip is so random. My days are completely random, and that needed to be reflected. Is the Cake Ninja friend or foe? Who knows…much like the Edu-Lords, I just plain haven’t given us enough information.

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