Unexpected Clowning Around.

Only on a Monday could you have Terror Clowns first thing in the morning.

Only on a Monday could you have Terror Clowns first thing in the morning.

Honestly…this was a thing.

Despite the prohibition on Clowns (as well as other costume choices), some students chose to come to school in the spirit of the day. That’s fine. Let’s be precise here…of all the restrictions, it was MOST clear that under no circumstances was any student allowed to come to any school in LAUSD dressed as a clown. This was made abundantly clear. In fact, due to the Clown Scare Epidemic, safety based phone calls about Clowns have gone home, via auto dialer, to every household in the district, more than once.

So…Monday morning of course had a large quantity of Clowns of different types attempting to get into our school.

My homeroom had only half the students in it, due to “Clown Related Attendance Issues.” My period four class…which is my largest, had a third of the students absent. Social Media suggested that a significant amount of students stayed home to avoid “Dangerous Clowns.” No joke. The internet has stories about parents “arming themselves: against Creepy Clowns, and other such really alarming nonsense. Neither is this sort of thing confined to Los Angeles…Las Vegas, Florida, and even Germany have Clown related news drama today.

Normally, I come to the defense of students that make mistakes…they are kids after all. This one, I have trouble gearing up for. You need to willfully get up, put on a Clown costume that you have previously procured and prepared, knowing full well that it’s both going to get extreme, possibly idiotic responses AND that it has been banned at schools. Then…with this as your set of life choices, you need to try to go to the school, which has expressly stated that Clowns are on the same list as armed students and terrorists in terms of “threatening presences.”

I’m sorry…I’m just not going to be able to work up any support for any of my students if they made that particular set of really poor, clearly premeditated, life choices.

There’s a good chance that one of them did make that set of choices, given the absence levels today, and the number of students stopped at the front gate.

That’s what the art is about, obviously. First thing in the morning, Cap is presented with a creepy Terror Clown. He’s not actually a threat to her…I mean, she’s a nigh invulnerable Alien American. Still, he’s creepy, weird, and full of poor life choices, and you just don’t want that rolling up on you with an alarm clock before you’ve finished your coffee.

That’s what I called “Monday”, True Believers.


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