And The Verdict Is….

Wow.  It looks like Twilight Sparkle is in a whole lot of trouble...!

Wow. It looks like Twilight Sparkle is in a whole lot of trouble…!

I’m not sure if Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, counts as a “good lawyer,” Twilight. He DID fit the quick sketch, though.

Today was the final day of Mock Trial. Most of the verdicts were mixed, with the juries feeling that the prosecutors made some of the points, but not other key points. There was one charge that the jury was deadlocked on in Period One, and another possible deadlock in Period Six, where deliberations will continue.

All in all…Mock Trial was a Mixed Bag. Some classes (three out of five) rose to the occasion and really executed an exciting an in depth discussion of the finer points of the book. Two of my classes wasted their prep time, and were horribly ill prepared for the actual event. When that happens, Mock Trial is a crummy, eternal world of long pauses, wrong answers, witnesses that have no idea of the facts, and poorly structured questions. The entire purpose becomes radically undermined…and that purpose is really a comprehensive review of the events of the text.

That said…the trials that went well went EXCEEDINGLY well. Students who never really speak or participate came out of their shells, and fully shined. The costuming helped, as well as the artificial structure of trial itself. Once it gets rolling, and the students are used to it…the format makes a structured debate or argument possible like few other classroom structures.

Monday, all of the lawyers submit their paperwork for grading, producing a mountain of work for me.

My sketch, obviously, was done between trials, and originally referred to Mock Trial itself. At the end of the day, as I was digitizing the work for publication here, and adding the speech balloon, it gained a DOUBLE meaning.

Right after school, one of my partner teachers, the Tiger Lady, showed up in my doorway. She was upset, and with good reason. Longer term readers will remember that the Tiger Lady used to be the Leadership teacher, but isn’t any longer. Since that change, the principal has been pretty frosty toward her, and this was related to issues with the principal. There’s a whole lot of backstory leading up to the doorway arrival, but we will leave that for another post.

In my brief meeting with her, the Tiger Lady explained that the principal wanted to “meet with her” about her after school “credit recovery” class. Apparently, the principal observed that class for an entire hour yesterday afternoon, and had “issues.” Today, she called the Tiger Lady for an “urgent but not disciplinary meeting.” That’s never a fun combination of words. The Tiger Lady came to me for advice, first and foremost, but also to check if I would be around as a representative for her, in case things went…not so well.

Why not her Union Rep? For two reasons. The first is simple…the Union Rep isn’t all that clever. The second is that the Union on our campus is very weak, and the Rep highly unmotivated. He tried to stand down, but didn’t run an election to find his successor…so he’s stuck. Do you want someone representing you that fails to actually do things that help themselves? I certainly don’t.

I gave some solid advice, that of course began with, “I told you not to do those after school classes.” I am who I am, after all.

That worried look on Twilight Sparkle’s face, in today’s sketch? Pretty much the same look that the Tiger Lady came to me with.

On the plus side…Mock Trial is over, and we are moving into a Grading Week, for the third report card of the semester. It should be very straightforward, and a lot less work than Trial Week was, at least for me. The students, on the other hand, have a whole lot to do.


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