Blue Mondays…

Being a reasonably traditional Alien American, she understands Groot.

Being a reasonably traditional Alien American, she understands Groot.

Maybe it’s Daylight Savings Time…maybe it’s the upcoming report card, or perhaps it’s the migraine I’m getting over. I’m not sure of the cause, really, but I find myself mildly depressed.

I don’t have anything to actually be depressed about, which makes it seem stupid and self indulgent to me. Things are going well, the majority of my students are passing my classes, my colleagues and supervisors like and respect me…these are good things. The Comic Book Club just made me an Honorary Member (charming!) and the Magic: The Gathering students have recovered from their bout of being kind of jerky…so I’m back to having fun lunchtime games.

I think that really, it is the large quantity of paperwork looking in front of me in order to generate these report card grades that I feel has to be the proximate cause of the relative depression that I’m feeling. If each student actually takes my test this week, and turns in their Mock Trial reflections form, that alone is some 400 documents to grade and enter, and then each student has three gradable fields, meaning a Friday data entry job of some six hundred cells, without the “comments” category. That is a HUGE amount of “grunt work.”

I’ll be able to get a large amount of it done at school, by being efficient about time management…but it still needs to get done. I was talking at Sunday brunch about each job having parts to it that we don’t like, and that part of being an Adult is just dealing with that. I guess this is going to be me acting like an adult…but the art is really about me not liking the idea.

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