Election Day Special Issue!

Every election is determined by the people who show up.

Every election is determined by the people who show up.

I’m pretty glad that this Election Cycle is nearly over. Today is Election Day 2016, with one of the most viciously run presidential races that I can remember. Both candidates have brought with them a fair amount of scandal, controversy, and drama. Despite the fact that I have pretty strong views on how I intend to vote…I stand firmly by the idea that each person should vote in the way that their conscience or beliefs drive them to. It’s not my job to tell you how to vote, or what to think, any more than it is your job to inform me of such things.

That’s a big part of the reason that I try to steer Adequacy away from political issues, except when they directly intersect with either education or comics. In those instances, we are almost always looking at Students’ Rights issues, usually in legal cases…or in the matters related to comics, almost always free speech issues. I’m pretty comfortable getting up on a soapbox about those things, which I both feel strongly about and pretty much thing that the whole blog/webcomic is centered around.

Even though I have tried to stay away from the presidential race…one candidate is so polarizing that I have dipped my pen in the ink to comment before this. Even though it’s like doing reprints, or a clip show, let’s take a look.

This is from two summers ago.  Time flies.

This is from two summers ago. Time flies.

At this point, I was looking at the Trump candidacy as odd and humorous…something that would quickly burn itself out. The post that accompanied it was not unlike today’s, in that it spoke directly to my not really wanting to do political pieces. It was summer, though, and content always wanders during the summer.

This was about when Trump started saying things that made him less humorous, and more scary.

This was about when Trump started saying things that made him less humorous, and more scary.

Some of the post related to that strip had this as content:

I said then, weeks ago, that I wanted to do a strip about this fiasco driven candidacy, which seemed to be doomed. Since then, Trump has proven to be a metaphorical King Midas, with a touch turning his insane, racist rants into Republican Party GOLD. Speaking about doing a strip about Trump, I expressed the thought that I simply didn’t know how to incorporate him, and his madness, into the strip. I couldn’t “find a punchline.”

A little over a year later, I’m not finding anything funny at all. Especially given how over time, the kinds of comments that were being said then, in the fall of 2015, seemed reasonable by comparison to the recent debates.

The original caption said, "I think they might need more superheroes."

The original caption said, “I think they might need more superheroes.”

That was February…at that point, things were in high gear.

This is a quote from that post:

“As we know…I’m a huge supporter of Free Speech. Heck, it’s Free Speech that lets me have this little corner of the internet called Tales of Adequacy. That said…every time I see Donald Trump in the news, he says something that scares the living @#$% out of me. It scares me even more that he seems to have given voice to a really mean spirited contingent of supporters who seem to agree with a lot of his angry, often racist rhetoric. The idea that he is the Republican front runner is counter intuitive to me.”

The writing was very much on the wall, but I was still hopeful that the Republicans would decide not to go with him as their candidate.

Sadly, if you take the word “space” out, those are practically quotes.

Sadly, if you take the word “space” out, those are practically quotes.

I’m just going to take another quote from that post. It was done during spring break, and I think really speaks to how slowly people like me responded to the Trump Candidacy. We all thought that it would “peter out”, that smarter heads would invariably prevail.

Here’s what I was saying at that point, in Spring:

“I honestly thought he would be DONE months ago, when he proposed building a wall around America to keep immigrants out. When in that same faux pas, he directly stated that he thought that Latin Americans were all criminals. To me, public opinion should have done him in, on that one alone. Bearing that in mind…we aren’t just talking about “Donald Trump running for president” anymore. Months later, he is actually a viable front runner, despite having no real policies, and generally bullying his detractors, competitors, the media, and anyone who disagrees with him.

It amazes me that he has a loyal following, but that’s the lens you look at things from living in Los Angeles. In such a metropolitan environment, with such high levels of diversity…it’s hard to envision the criteria of thought that would make him both appealing and viable to a voter. In fact, most of the “dyed in the wool” Republicans that I know blanch at his commentary, saying that Trump doesn’t represent their views or the party’s.”

This strip was really educational.

This strip was really educational.

This art was posted in Jun…and I had this to say:

What can we learn from today’s strip, True Believers? Let’s list:

1. It’s not smart to leave a crime scene in a convertible, when you KNOW that superheroes can fly, and many of them are Mexican Food Enthusiasts. Bad Plan.
2. By VOTING, you too can stop a Trumpocalypse from happening. It’s a whole lot smarter than trying to stockpile tacos in preparation for Doom and Gloom.
3. Most of the problems of a Trumpocalypse would actually be economic in nature. The world won’t end…but if he WERE to be our leader, that leader would be a @#$%. No one wants to trade with @#$%s, or move to countries run by @#$%s, so the economy would quickly go to @#$%.
4. Those guys in the car probably need serious medical attention. The protagonist is nigh invulnerable, and super strong enough to fight the Hulk…and she just punched them.
5. Don’t punch people while they are driving. Unless you are nigh invulnerable, you will cause car accident that pretty much none of the occupants, including you, will be okay with.
6. Tacos are a valuable resource, that MUST be protected.

I think ALL of those points are very important, actually.

And finally…

I drew this during the Republican National Convention...and stand by it's message of confusion.

I drew this during the Republican National Convention…and stand by it’s message of confusion.

And now, on Election Day, I have what I hope to be my final Trump related strip. It has only been a handful since summer of 2015…but still, there was enough going on there to keep pulling my attention back.

However you choose to vote, go out and do so. The whole point of the voting process is so that our voices go into the decision making process. A person I really respect once quoted to me that “Evil flourishes when good men fail to act.”

Today’s the day where we each act a bit like a super hero, by pulling a little lever.


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