Freedom Of Speech Takes Work.

This determined looking pony is back from a big day or two.

This determined looking pony is back from a big day or two.

When I miss a weekday post, it is usually because of one of two things…often a combination of those two. Those two things are a lack of real content and a migraine headache. I had both of those come together for Tuesday, thus skipping the day for Adequacy.

Today, I took the time at school to sketch the little pony above. Notice that he’s clearly not as old as the other ponies, nor very super evolved. In many ways, he has a whole lot in common with my students, which is pretty much how he got drawn today, between classes. Lately I have been drawing a pony in an ancient Greek helmet hanging around with Cap…this is sort of the diminutive version of that more inspirational Edu-Mountain pony.

Which is important, because on Tuesday, my students did not Walk Out. It was the first day of real, regular classes that I’ve had since last week, and as a result, it was a Pretty Big Deal. my students came back from their political activism…at least those that were activists. A significant portion just ditched class o go to fast food places, but they aren’t the part that impresses me. Instead, I’m pretty @#$%ing impressed by the portion that marched with thousands of other students, to express their feelings about a variety of political matters centered around the election.

More importantly….it was nice to have all of them back.

Today was a normal day of school, where we could do normal things. Settling back into the important routine is key, since student protests aren’t going to change the political reality. They were an important expression of idealism, that got nation wide political attention, but the students also still need to do fancy things like graduate.

A vital consequence of this is some of my most clever students deciding to form a campus “activism club,” in order to stay politically involved. I can’t say that I’m not hugely proud of that group, and their goals. Those kinds of motivated students are the whole point, the reason that people get involved in education and stay with it.

Today’s artwork is an adorable salute to the adorable young activists on my campus. I look forward to advising the young activists on our campus in their future activities.

More importantly, I respect their resolve.


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