A Sudden Exodus!

Once a week off is here, Cap and the ponies make sure to get back to the Fortress.

Once a week off is here, Cap and the ponies make sure to get back to the Fortress.

I felt like I needed to depict more vehicles, and have some action this week, so this is what we got. A ’37 Cord crashing through a garage that seems a whole lot like a barn, and a Suit looking freaked out by the sudden, destructive departure. That’s enough action for one panel, I think.

Today is the last day of school before the Thanksgiving Break. I, for one, can really use a decent amount of time away from the Edu-Mountain. I work pretty hard, and take no sick days, so it rapidly gets to a point where I am stretched pretty thin. We hit that point a little while ago, and really, I’d like a week to do nothing but read and think about odd things.

The day might be pretty odd in itself. Already, numerous phone calls have gone to everyone related to the Edu-Mountain and the school district about possible Walk Outs today, and unlike the permissive approach given to the last two Walk Outs, the district is now talking about Consequences. I’m wondering how much that may or may not actually matter to my students, or students like them elsewhere in the city. Either way, I still have a job to do, at least for today.

On some very important level, I kind of hope that the students stick to their guns, and Walk Out. Mostly because its good to see young people caring about something, but also because it is easy to “care” when you know the system isn’t going to penalize you. In this case…there’s a small amount of risk, and I would be impressed by the group if they felt that they needed to screw their courage to the sticking place in order to make a point.

The art is definitely about my leaving at the end of the day, but there’s a subtext. The Edu-Mountain is pretty fond of holding teachers later for additional meetings, often followed by meetings, which in turn, have meetings afterward. They don’t violate the contract….but they certainly squeeze every last minute out of the contract, and get the most for every single nickel and dime. That is getting more than a bit fatiguing, and sometimes feels like you’re trapped on campus. As a result, we have the art above.

Certainly, Cap would take a loaner car like that from the thirties and blow it right through some wooden garage door. In a second. Wouldn’t think twice about it, especially if Horsey was making nachos at the Fortress of Togetherness.

One can always hope.


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