It’s A Great Day To Be Alive.

This is what the second day of vacation feels like, for no good reason.

This is what the second day of vacation feels like, for no good reason.

There are plenty of opportunities to focus on the negative. Plenty of things to be upset about, or worried about, or otherwise troubled with. Heck, I’m behind on paperwork for school, and my Vacation Week is packed up enough with other things, it’s going to be hard to use the extra time to catch up.

But…it’s just paperwork. It’s going to get done. There’s no real concern there, and more importantly…nothing to be all that concerned about.

It’s very easy to forget that kind of thing, as we go about our day to day lives. I forget it ALL the time. We get into our causes, the things that concern us, or our responsibilities… all of which are important. Sometimes, though, they obscure some of the basic quality of life that we actually have, that also impact us every day.

I have good friends. The best that one could possibly hope for. My job is steady, and stable. The bills are paid. My health is pretty good. I live in a nice place, and have nice things. In short…taken in that context, I’m actually doing better than most of the planet.

I know that I forget that all the time. It’s easy to do.

It’s not even so much that it’s around Thanksgiving. I had a big ol’ migraine over the weekend…really severe. The last couple of days…with no migraine, and general goodness surrounding me…it made it pretty clear that there really isn’t all that much right now for me to be all that stressed or upset about. Without that pain in the skull, I took some Quality Time…Quiet Time. It was rewarding, and got me to think that I certainly don’t do it enough.

I’m willing to say that most of us don’t.

So…on this Idle Tuesday, True Believers, that’s my advice. Go out and do something that’s excellent, and enjoy this day.



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