Pokemon: Sun!

A quick sketch of Cap and her new Poke-Friend.

A quick sketch of Cap and her new Poke-Friend.

Pokemon Sun and Moon, the latest offerings in the franchise, shipped on the 18th. I picked a copy of Sun up on Monday evening, and have already said goodby to one of the islands of Alola.

My friend and I play these games in entirely different ways. He is very, very concerned with Pokemon breeding, and cultivating a perfect collection of well balanced Pokemon that can be competitive in all circumstances. In my paradigm, you make a hard push through the storyline as fast as you can, generally pushing whatever random Pokemon you have collected to the ultimate limits of their abilities, in a way that would probably be abusive if they were real animals. As a result, he’s still on Route One, and I’m on a new island.

He also went and picked up Moon instead of Sun. Pretty much speaks to the differences in play style right off the bat.

I think I enjoyed Alpha Sapphire more…although, I do like the fact that you can dress up your character however you see fit. That’s a key selling point in game design to me.

Today’s art once again eschews the use of the shading that I often use to give a sense of dimension, much like yesterday’s and the day before. This week I seem to be experimenting with “pure” line work, for no other reason than it seemed interesting.

Also…I continue my basic focus on the positive here…although that Litten (the pokemon-cat in the picture) doesn’t seem all that happy. He’s been working hard, I guess.

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