Black Magic Friday!

Zatanna is a long time favorite character of mine.

Zatanna is a long time favorite character of mine.

Another short post, True Believers!

I’m still on vacation, and this is the day after thanksgiving… traditionally the single largest day of commerce in the United States. News services always carry the bad behavior of people acting truly terribly toward one another in an effort to get the best Christmas Season deals, and my e-mail account has already gotten forty messages since i woke up, about such sales.

Instead of focusing on that, and trying to be humorous about it, I decided instead to draw a favorite character, with a silly problem. That worked out for the best.

For those that don’t know, Zatanna is a DC comics superhero character who has actual magic. Anything that she says backwards happens, making her spectacularly powerful, so long as she can talk. Like all silver Age Characters, there is that big limitation…if she can’t talk, opr say it backwards…then she isn’t able to use her awesome powers. Silence is her kryptonite.

This week, I’ve been trying to either do direct line work (in high contrast black and white) or instead, to define things like yesterday’s batmobile as the product of sort of defined “black spaces” that the eye organizes into objects. Zatanna is a combination of the two ideas, at least in execution. The drawing process actually winds up a lot more like coloring than doing a sketch.

So…there’s that, for all of you interested in the process.

If you have to be in stores today…watch out for crazed shoppers. It’s like a Zombie Apocalypse out there.

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