Back To Work…!

What's five angry wizards? @#$% those guys.

What’s that…like five angry wizards? @#$% those guys.

Still…the art is about the fact that today I’m being hauled back to work at the Edu-Mountain, for the final push of the first semester.

I like my job, don’t get me wrong. at times, though…there are things that kind of stand on my last proverbial nerve. For one…there’s a current “high level of concern” that too many students are not passing classes. This is a thing these days…there’s a big worry over graduation rates, and how those compare to the “student preparedness” going into the senior year of school. I don’t actually see how I could be more accommodating to students in helping them to pass my Tenth Grade English class, so I find this just a bit grating.

In fact…there is a direct correlation to simply not showing up for my class, and failing it. I have a “rolling” late work policy…meaning that any work that is handed in late, I grade with NO penalty….so in theory, a student could turn in all of their work tomorrow, and if it’s very good, soar immediately from a fail to an A grade. I hang around after school to help students, and make myself available at lunch and during home room.

In short…you kind of have to TRY to fail my class. As a result, the administrative pressure to lower the already low number of fails on my schedule is…not very welcome.

Also, the two week push to get my grade book both up to date, and printable begins today. It’s a push that has a reasonable amount of work amortized over ten work days, meaning it shouldn’t be hard at all…and all of that brings me to a completion deadline that is actually one week before my actual deadline. I worked it out in that way because the grade book has always been my personal Nemesis in education…I invariably put things into it in a way that makes sense to ME, but if another person had to look at would make little to no sense at all. I’ve been pretty diligent over the semester, so this week’s work is mostly for the purposes of making sure that students know what they need to get to me, and giving them time for me to enter it…instead of being the kind of thing that is about me cleaning up a kind of personal shorthand. Since it IS high school, and the grade in English is vital to graduation…that’s pretty important stuff.

obviously, the art is about sorcerous bounty hunters setting Cap back to work in her Edu-Dungeon. Alien american have little defense against sorcery…so I imagine that she…just like me…should get back to work.

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