Empire of the Poke-Sun.

A quick sketch for today...Cap with Solgaleo, a Legendary Pokemon that works for me these days.

A quick sketch for today…Cap with Solgaleo, a Legendary Pokemon that works for me these days.

Today will be a rough, long day at school, consisting of large amounts of paperwork, and a very, very active day of teaching for me. Busy stuff…usually I divide paperwork and being the “star of the show” more evenly across days. At this time of year, that’s not too easy to do.

Still…none of that is what this post is about.

It is also not about yesterday’s meeting, where the District pretty much suggested (strongly) that I quit my job, move to Florida, and make my living in the Everglades fighting the plague of 150,000 Burmese Pythons that exist now in the region, for reasons that are beyond stupid. That’s right…I went to a training where the basic premise was that I should be doing straight up Snake Fightin’ 24/7, and the state of California paid me for it.

This post is not about that….but perhaps a future one has to be. It seems like that should be a thing.

The thing I’m most looking forward to today is some Pokemon: Sun, Pokemon: Moon battling. My friend and I both purchased versions of the game…I went with Sun. We have been playing for about a week and a half. Now…I’m nearly at the end of the game, and my Pokemon have massive, massive levels. He’s still on the first island, grinding through the game leaving no stine unturned…but with a pack of Pokestams at his disposal. Mojemon? Whichever…they are way lower level, but selected for very precise reasons.

The 3DS will let us battle out Pokemon, at equal levels. Today, then, will be the day for that Subterranean Confrontation to happen. No holds barred, no pokeball left unopened.

I’m actually bringing to the table the Pokemon in the sketch for today, Solgaleo. Let’s be very direct here…there’s only ONE in the entire Pokemon: Sun game, and he’s on the @#$%ing cover. He brings the Poke-thunder, True Believers. Between that, and having the official mascot of the franchise working for me, I’d like to think that I’m going into things pretty well stocked. Making up for lack of talent with RAW POWER, like a Silver Age superhero hurling stuff into the Sun instead of dealing with it.

We will have to see. As I said…my friend is way better at the planning, strategy, and game mechanics than I am. I’m kind of gambling that I’m bringing the ’77 Yankees to play against a Little League team.

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