Small Victories And New Hats.

She looks pretty satisfied with something, huh?

She looks pretty satisfied with something, huh?


It’s hard to say where that smug look comes from. I got a lot of paperwork done yesterday, catching up considerably even with delays earlier in the week. In addition…the Edgar Allan Poe unit is going very well, and the students were both motivated and productive in doing work. I had the kind of day where you walk around class, have intelligent conversations about content, and pretty much every single kid is on task. Believe me…you don’t usually get all of those things in one day.

It probably helps that the students know that I’m working on grading paperwork for the semester, to be honest. Still…motivation is motivation, and I’ll take it. Usually Poe is a popular author, so that’s also a contributing factor. Still, the day was pretty excellent in terms of the reasons that you actually wake up to be a teacher. I think that getting those things right has a whole lot to do with our hero’s smug expression.

Although…it could be the unexpected and resounding victory in the Pokemon Battle Arena. Apparently, a bunch of poorly tended to but massively leveled Pokemon do really excellently against hand picked, stat maxxed Mojemon. Pokeshtams? What exactly is the one word for Poke Mojesthams? Hard to say…except that apparently things worked out for me in the region of Alola. Maybe THAT has something to do with Cap’s smug, self satisfied smile.

The expression detail was a big part of the art today, as was the hand lifting the brim of the cap. She doesn’t often wear any kind of hat, despite my love of hats, so it was a challenge to get it right. It’s also the second appearance of this costume/clothing set, which I rather like, and isn’t that high maintenance to draw. We may see it some more, as for most of this semester, Cap has just been wearing a plain t-shirt and pleated pants. Drawing clothing is tough…it gives characters shape and dimension, but a whole lot of American Comic Art is pretty much NOT drawing clothing. Superheroes of the silver Age are the visual lexicon that influences me the most, and their skin tight costumes really aren’t all that realistic in any way. The feeling of wrinkles, light sources and textures is tough to get.

That being said, today I head in to receive a large amount of student work, which will become a large, large amount of grading. I have data entry to do on other gradable student work, so the paperwork machine is in full swing.

Maybe Cap shouldn’t look so smug in her new hat.


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