The Breakfast (Of Champions) Club!

This was fun to draw.

This was fun to draw.

So really…there’s not a lot to post about.

As a result….we have our hero sitting around, being friendly with the All New Champions. This is not unlike my homeroom class, actually….a friendly, experienced older person giving life advice to younger people that want to change the world. One of the key differences is that they no longer call them “homeroom” classes…they are “advisory.” I suppose that is where the “advice” part come from. In addition, the school serves a mandatory breakfast, so it might be considered a kind of “breakfast club”, if you really like your eighties films.

This kind of thing will pretty much be the top portion of my day. Giving advice on classes to Juniors while I attempt to wade my way through the end of the year paperwork. After that, it’s a “writing intensive” week this week, with students preparing a final essay to be turned in for course credit, and in this case, for a potential scholarship as well. We will have to see how all of that turns out, but I have hopes.

I’m also very much looking forward to the third issue of Marvel’s current Champions series, hence the reference in today’s artwork. I found the first two to be really clever and very well done comics…the kind of thing that I used to look forward to from issues of the X-men or the Legion of Superheroes. As a result, I felt like once again supporting the book with some art, and a post.

Today will see a hard grind to get paperwork done, as the end of the semester looms ever closer.


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