Sketch Cover: Bionic Woman Team Up!

When I was a little kid, even EATING was a thing that had a bionic sound effect.

When I was a little kid, even EATING was a thing that had a bionic sound effect.

Whenever anyone did anything Bionic, you had the slow motion, and the distinctive “dit,dit,dit” electronic sound effect. The shows made that clear…if you wanted to have cool Bionic powers, it needed to involve slow motion and a weird sound. Didn’t matter what you were doing. Bionic homework? Time to do it slower, and with a sound, that you probably had to make yourself.

I can’t fully express in words how much I loved the “Six Million Dollar man” and “The Bionic Woman” as a little kid in the seventies. I have no idea how the shows would hold up to scrutiny now, having not seen them in actual decades. I have to imagine that like many things that we remember with that kind of fondness, it might not actually hold up as well to a re-viewing, as an adult.

That said…I DON’T care. This week, “Wonder Woman ’77 meets the Bionic Woman” ships to comic book stores….today in fact. The dream seventies TV show team up, in comic book form. I simply cannot put into words how excited I am for this comic book, which is firmly targeted at me as a demographic. Perhaps targeted at me personally, which I am fine with. Comics industry, if you are listening, feel free to do more projects for me, personally. Thank you in advance.

You’ll notice, True Believers, that Cap is teamed up with the Bionic Woman (Jamie Sommers) and not with Wonder Woman. There are multiple reasons for this. First off…of the two shows, I liked the Bionic Woman better. This is ironic, as I’ve actually rewatched Wonder Woman, and found it super groovy. Still…given the choice, it’s Bionic Woman all the way.

Secondly…in the strip, Cap has pretty much parted company with amazons in general, as of a few years ago. Sure, Special Education Amazon had a few appearances, but by and large she hasn’t teamed up with any amazons in a meaningful sense in a while. None of the reasoning for that has made it to the strip, but it certainly did influence for me whether I wanted to do a three way mega team up, or to just chose a usual flavor, two superhero team up. It’s clear from the artwork what won the proverbial coin toss.

The stars were a real @#$%# to do, and on top of that, a bit of a quandry. The protagonist’s original uniform was a T-shirt with a black star on it, and to be honest, I considered putting the star on the t-shirt for this cover. After all, there’s a huge show of stars behind her on her side of the background…because she’s an Alien American, you know. When push came to shove though, I didn’t want to go back to the original, simple costume. It’s hard to say why…just a feeling, hence her plain t-shirt and pleated pants.

Notice that I’m not mentioning a huge amount about school here. Beside the fact that yes…I still have a vast amount of “end of semester” paperwork to do, there isn’t much to say. Especially about today. Today will be a day of “pull out” meetings for the English teachers at my grade level. This means that we will be “pulled out” of class for the day, in order to have meetings, be lectured, and possibly, if we are lucky, plan a unit for next semester. Since I have yet to see how that is going to unfold…I don’t really have any sarcastic art or commentary about it.

Last year, the pull outs were useful…but many, many things were subtly different last year. This year, there is a great deal of district pressure on the Edu-Lords, so the structure of the meetings has a good chance of being very, very different.

Regardless of any of that, we have today’s art, and titanic team up to carry us through this Wednesday. That in itself, is a good thing.


2 thoughts on “Sketch Cover: Bionic Woman Team Up!

  1. First of all, great art and cool team up concept. I was more of a Battlestar Galactica/A-Team viewer myself, but I enjoyed the Bionic Woman show too. Second, the Bionic Woman pilot is available on Netflix. I watched it last year, and it definitely seems dated. For example, when Jamie Summers meets her boss Oscar Goldman, he walks up to her, says hello, and kisses her straight up on the lips. And she doesn’t even flinch or anything, just accepts it. In the 70s, bosses could get away with this sort of thing, I guess. Finally, thinking of bionic people and 70s reboots, have you seen the HBO show Westworld? If not, you should.

    • I meant to reply to this yesterday, but wound up laughing too hard at your commentary, and put it aside until today. In terms of being dated, yes…all of that seventies action/sci-fi is pretty dated. I did not recall the scene where she meets Oscar, her boss…but your appraisal of “In the 70s, bosses could get away with this sort of thing, I guess,” had me in hysterics.

      And here, I thought that the bell bottoms, leisure suits, and lack of cell phones might be dated.

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