Avacyn, Chibi of Hope!

Avacyn via the Adorable Zone.  Much less crazy than earlier in the week.

Avacyn via the Adorable Zone. Much less crazy than earlier in the week.

I’m not even going to comment on yesterday’s day of “pull out” meetings. Suffice it to say that they were not really all that useful at all. At least for some of the time, legitimate lesson planning was able to take place. That was useful, but was about one hour out of the six.

While I was not in the classroom, a substitute (obviously) was in charge. The lesson plan that I had left behind simply didn’t happen. Thankfully…I had more or less planned on this, so today I came in with that as an expectation. It made today much, much easier coming in with that attitude.

Class went pretty well, actually. With actual teachers in the room, my students take the class much more seriously, and are involved in a hard crunch to squeeze the last bits of credit from class.

I managed to get a couple of games of Magic: The Gathering in with some of the club members today, despite being buried in paperwork. I used the deck that I believe that I mentioned earlier in the week, which tries very, very hard to bring out the original, non-tantrum “Avacyn, Angel of Hope” card. It’s a fantastic card, although very costly to bring into play. The real stars of the deck wind up being the Angelic Captains from Zendikar block, which come into play much, much faster, and benefit from the “ally” cards around them.

I didn’t bring Avacyn into play, and didn’t win any games today. Still…I had a good time playing a game that I like with nice young people, who also like it. We joked around, had a good time, and generally relieved my stress.

That’s why the Chibi version of Avacyn, Angel of Hope. First, because after yesterday’s useless meetings, being back with my students was a good thing, and honestly positive. Secondly, to reflect the genuinely positive effect that a weird school club has on both students and teachers. I NEEDED to be positively enagaged with my students, what with the stress of paperwork, and boredom of meetings.

Lastly…I have students that love the Chibi/Anime style, so it seemed like I should try my hand at it. I’ll probably print up Avacyn, Chibi of Hope, and put her on the bulletin board.

Sorry for the late post, True Believers!


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