The Tony Stark Lifestyle.

"Oh @#$ head hurts so much."

“Oh @#$%…my head hurts so much.”

At least there are no strange Russian women running around the Fortress of Togetherness with guns. That would be both embarrassing and inconvenient. Still, it’s clear that living the “Tony Stark lifestyle” in Beverly Hills does not really agree with Cap.

Arguably, it doesn’t really agree with me as well.

Last night’s celebratory festivities involved a fancy, fancy Scotch Tasting in a suite in a fancy, fancy Beverly Hills Hotel that I had never heard of. Thankfully, one of my closest friends was with me, so when the Uber dropped us back off at his place (we live in fabulous, Beverly Hills Adjacent “Palms”) he walked me back the couple of blocks to the Fortress of Togetherness. He also was on hand to make sure that I didn’t get all that out of hand, which is also very, very helpful.

Still…for all the fanciness, it really was just a simple evening. Tonight features the “rehearsal dinner”, also in Beverly Hills, and tomorrow, the actual wedding itself. Hopefully, there will be no more Scotch tasting. Waking up on the couch with your hat on your face, and a serious taste of paint thinner in your mouth should be pretty much a “once a year” kind of event.

We are seeing this outfit again, which I like a lot. I like it even more when it’s all disheveled, and I actually got myself a hat like the one in this art, and last week’s. I’m thinking it might make regular appearances. It’s not too fancy…just fancy enough.

Pretty much like how I’m dressing the entire weekend. Not too fancy…just fancy enough. Tonight, I’ll make sure to wear some sort of Tony Stark related accessory, to really embrace the Fancy Jet Set Status of the weekend.

I would end by shouting “Excelsior!” like Stan Lee…but would prefer to avoid the loud sound.


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