Hello, Cosmic! (The Final Weekend Wedding Chapter)

So, the big wedding happened this weekend.

So, the big wedding happened this weekend.

My two friends got married on Sunday, and it was a Thing. A Big Thing. I wish them all the best…relationships are hard work. The event went well, and was beautifully done. A good time was had by all.

The art is more about my complex feelings about this time of year than the wedding, which just happened to be at this time. Our hero is trying to fly away, because she has a @#$% ton of paperwork that needs to get done, and all sorts of other final Edu-Mountain related issues. I was going for a sort of stiff, Silver Age feel, but it really doesn’t seem like she’s trying all that hard.

There are rednecks and aliens, and chickens running around, all with strong feelings about what should be happening. Arguably, that’s exactly how I feel about most things right now…that I’m trying to get some things done, but there are all of these other, random, potentially ray gun wielding forces getting in the way.

That having been said…it really was a very, very wonderful wedding.


2 thoughts on “Hello, Cosmic! (The Final Weekend Wedding Chapter)

    • It was very much a Silver Age Thing. In many ways, it defined the Silver Age of Comics. Some individual issues of comics in the Silver Age were not Code Approved, and generally…retailers would not carry them as a result.

      In the eighties, the code was relaxed, due to the rise of the Direct Market, and eventually thrown out. Books like the Watchmen were key to that process.

      I’ll do a Comics Code post…to make the history lesson A Thing.

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