At The Final Stretch…

A quick pony sketch as I continue to be buried in paperwork.

A quick pony sketch as I continue to be buried in paperwork.

Today was a hard, hard day of getting data entered. It was made doubly hard by the fact that my own computer, used for that purpose, was used to set up mt students with the new “digital classroom system” that we will be using next semester. In the long run, that is a very, very good thing that will totally prevent the kind of grading marathon that I now do. In the short term, it was just highly, highly inconvenient.

That’s why the Winter Pony is so depressed in the quick sketch I did above. The end is in sight, but there are just little, nagging delays that keep things from being “in the can” as it were.

Thankfully, nothing is due until Friday, and I am actually ahead of schedule, despite feeling the time pressure. I just take the grades very, very seriously…as any student that fails the course has a serious issue. They need to make it up to graduate, which is quite simply a Big Deal. As a result, I want to be sure that I’ve minimized that number as much as possible…it’s a big, heavy responsibility.

I’m sure Winter Pony will feel better soon.


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