The Last Stand At The Edu-Dungeon

That suit has certainly seen better days...

That suit has certainly seen better days…

I didn’t even have time to draw or post yesterday, and this quick sketch is getting just under the wire.

Still…the mountain of paperwork is DONE. With that final struggle, the 2016 school year is effectively in the can, as well as the First Semester of the Academic Year. I checked and rechecked figures, trying to massage the most points possible out of the various assignments, to pass the most possible students. That said, there was still a certain irreducible minimum of fails to be seen. In most cases, those were students who had never turned in work, or not arrived to a massive number of classes, or some combination of the two. I’m not going to lose a whole lot of sleep over that stuff.

The work to make sure all of that was correctly done was brutal. I’ve been focused on it for two weeks now, and quite frankly, I am amazed at the teachers that leave it until the last minute. In addition to doing all of that work, I also needed to actually teach class, and also be on hand for whatever random stuff the Edu-Lords might dump down the line.

Hence, the Old School, stripped down War Machine/Iron Man Suit. You NEED an Old School War Machine Suit to deal with the constant stream of bureaucracy…it sends a kind of message. I tried to blend line work with dark areas here to get a more metallic and dimensional feel, as well as the idea that the suit is very scuffed up. There are clearly tears in the suit’s metal, and you can see our hero’s skin underneath. I thought about that, and remembered that it’s pretty well established that she doesn’t wear clothes under her ill-gotten Stark Suits.

In terms of physique, I felt like the suit should have its own dimensions, even if Cap is in it. It’s an old conceit of the comic (from the 70’s) that the Iron Man suit is somehow soft as silk, yet also hard as steel. So…there’s a paradox of durability and structure combined with spandex like fit. Ultimately, that gets proven to be untrue when Bethany Cabe and Pepper Potts have to wear Iron Man suits of that vintage…from outside the suit, it looks like Iron Man. Obviously, then, the suit needs to have a defined, decidedly unisex shape.

I always think that even though the protagonist is nigh invulnerable, jamming her ears into the helmet has to be uncomfortable.

Tomorrow, then, the metaphorical overloaded repulsors will be fired, paperwork delivered, and the struggle ended.



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