It’s Time To Go, Challengers…

The point here was to bring out Horsey (yay!) and express the mixed emotions of the semester's end.

The point here was to bring out Horsey (yay!) and express the mixed emotions of the semester’s end.

We are now officially done with the semester.

It’s a time to be happy about, for sure. My students did very, very well, and responded to nudging and pressure about managing to improve grades. My fail rate is lower than it has been in a long time. These are things to be proud of…both on my part, and theirs. In addition, I set up a “digital classroom with a very, very small amount of hassle involved. I didn’t expect that, given all the drama at my old school (with the EduMentals and Pledge LA), and feel like it would be a pretty welcome addition to my pedagogy.

I got to play a big game of Magic: The Gathering at lunch…the first game at school was a year ago, on the last day. Just like today. I got my head handed to me by the young players, which is excellent. All of the randos and hangers on have dropped away, and now the “club” is back to its purest form…a group of people who are just enthusiasts of the game for its own sake.

So why the mixed emotions?

I will honestly miss some of my students. High School students aren’t adults, but they are people. Almost fully formed people, in fact. They are interesting, engaging, and often have real qualities that are surprising. I won’t be seeing them, and helping them to navigate their paths to both graduation and adulthood for a little bit, and that is the part of the job that I sincerely like. It’s what I signed up for, and for the first tim in my long career, I have the opportunity to really do that task.

Also…a few of the students really rely on me for a kind of emotional support. Given my personality…that’s almost hard to believe, but it’s true. I’d like things to go as smoothly as possible for them, and feel a bit bad that I won’t be available to help with the Sturm Und Drang of teen issues. Part of the job is giving the students the skills they need to do those things independently, so it is not trivial that such a distance happens. However…it would be nice to be able to protect them a bit more. I guess that’s how parents feel.

It is the time of year where I need to go back to my own world, and deal with my own adult friends, away from the Edu-Mountain. That’s why we see Horsey…a stalwart, loyal friend that largely steers clear of the Edu-Mountain, but always, always bails Cap out.

The School Spirit Pony doesn’t have his helmet, because that would be all about Edu-Mountain stuff, and even School Spirit Pony needs a break. He’s also kind of pissed…since before we can jet for the Fortress of Togetherness in whatever vehicle Horsey felt appropriate, we need to attend a Staff Holiday Luncheon. I’m no good at that sort of thing at all. Part of the problem is not really being engaged in all of the “Christmas” elements, although this school waits until the Luncheon for all of that.

It’s mostly the falseness of it. I haven’t made that many friends here, and on purpose. It’s a two way thing…people aren’t really reaching out to me, and after getting burned by staff members at other schools…I just don’t feel like I want to connect that much myself. I have a small group of friends here, and that’s enough. I don’t need to have the whole big “School Family” show, which always seems very phony to me.

And as we know…I’m all about Ponies, not Phonies.

With Horsey’s assistance, I will soon be on my way for three weeks of comics, drawing, Pokemon: Sun, and a bit of travel. That’s something to be excited about, even with the mixed emotions here.


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