To Boldly Go…On Vacation! Aww Yeah!

Looking for a "pop art" feel here....

Looking for a “pop art” feel here….

I am officially on vacation.

I took a day off from EVERYTHING, even drawing. It was nice, for once in my life not worrying about deadlines or commitments. Being a teacher, every single thing you do is on a clock…there’s a bell for class, a deadline for report cards, a schedule for standardized tests, a deadline for everything. Time is a cruel taskmaster that you constantly compete with.

So…a true day off means no clock. It was pretty excellent.

During that day off, I downloaded “Star Trek: Timelines” to my new tablet. Its a tablet game that lets you construct a crew and a spaceship from the entirety of the Star Trek timeline…hence the name. As a result, you can have Captain Kirk at the wheel, with Seven of Nine riding shotgun, or for that matter another version of Kirk…like the Anti-Kirk. They can roll out in a Borg Cube, if you earn it by playing. It has space missions and away missions, and is a pretty amusing casual game.

That helped to drive today’s art…although I do not have a Constitution class starship in the game. Que Lastima!

Drawing the Enterprise is tough. Drawing is sitting still isn’t that big a deal, since you can go with a profile…but getting the perspective and line right for the thing in motion…that’s a big, big chore. The Kirby Krackle made a good cosmic setting, and I do love the Kirby Krackle.



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