The Brave And The Bold: Orange Batman and Cap Team Up!

Cutting things a little close, there, aren't you Orange Batman?

Cutting things a little close, there, aren’t you Orange Batman?

I love old school, Silver Age Team Up Comics. I miss them a whole lot.

This is actually based very loosely on a “crisis” that happened yesterday. There was no countdown, no bomb, no Main Reactor that could go critical if something wasn’t done…one could argue that there were dopey henchmen around, but they really weren’t doing very much. It was just a “Problem” that needed to be solved, and arguably needed some kind of technical expertise. Despite the importance of dealing with that, i was told to deal with the henchmen, as it were, letting the clock run down.

Eventually, I was allowed to assume the role of Orange Batman, and all was resolved. Yay!

I like Orange Batman a whole lot. In the only comic where he appeared at all…it’s just Batman in an Orange Batsuit. That comic book is truly fantastic, but I rather like the way the Orange Batman has evolved here as a character. Sort of upbeat, not angst filled…he smiles a whole lot, seems to enjoy having Batman style money, and is just generally less stressed out than your average non-orange Batman. I rather think he’s the kind of person you’d actually like to have around during a crisis…he’s going to get things done, but he’s not going to be an @#$ about it. Afterward, he’s probably going to take you to a nice dinner at some fancy restaurant, and order something cool.

Because that’s how Orange Batman rolls.

Despite yesterday’s completely uncalled for stress, it did result in the team up image above, which I am very, very happy with. In light of that…it couldn’t have been all that bad. I especially like Orange Batman’s self satisfied smile, and Cap’s look of relief. If you look in the background past Cap, you can see some of the henchmen in hazmat suits that she beat up.

That’s attention to detail, True Believers!


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