The Challengers of the @#$%ing Impossible Are Back!

Looking good, Challengers.  Looking good.

Looking good, Challengers. Looking good.

I’ve been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest on my Kindle Fire. this week, there’s a “Thanos, The Mad Titan” event, which I haven’t found all that challenging. There is also a “Galactus Hungers” event, which involves, you know…Galactus. Huge guy, eats planets for sustenance. Very hard to deal with, mega cosmic force. My comic book brain tells me…”This is an impossible task.”

As a a result, I selected the team that you see above to deal with it…since they are the current roster of the Challengers of the @#$%ing Impossible in our little webcomic. I couldn’t actually put the good Captain in, since she’s not an actual Marvel character, but I did have the rest of the team, including Wolverine wearing a tuxedo. Since I was actually playing the game, it seemed fair to include her in the image.

More importantly….the Challngers of the @#$%ing Impossible straight up @#$%housed Galactus. Primarily through stabbing and temper tantrums. Seriously, those are two of the main superpowers the team brings to the table. Let’s be perfectly clear…they didn’t just @#$%house Galactus once. Nope. EIGHT times. EIGHT.

If I were Galactus, I might be looking into another line of work.

Incidentally, I feel like you could get Galactus to leave Earth by just showing him New Jersey. He eats planets…if he wants to eat the earth, he’d have to eat New Jersey too. Any rational being would just leave.

The game, of course, give you no way to do that.

The Fantastic Four usually deal with Galactus, so that got me to thinking. About two things, really. The first being that besides Cap, the entire cast of the Challengers are currently dead in Marvel Continuity, being handled by stand in characters. There’s a smart, Asian American Hulk, a youthful female Wolverine, and a Latino Ghost Rider, who drives a car, making him more of a Ghost Driver. I like all of those characters, so thats a big bummer, although the Wolverine Title is readable. Very good, in fact.

However…the Fantastic Four are also disbanded now. Spider-Man actually owns the building that was their headquarters. That’s…beyond odd to me.

Still, it got me thinking about doing Challengers strips, with these characters…living in the Baxter Building, and generally being contrary. I suppose as a stand in Fantastic Four, which the team originally was, when done by Art Adams in the 90’s.

That, in turn, directed me to my “draw on them” blank sketch covers, and produced this variant….a Great Comic That Never Happened. Check it out.



This was a Hero initiative variant, which give money to comics creators in need. It’s a pretty fine charity, so if you are looking for a last minute tax deduction in the form of a charitable donation, click this link. Comics creators are primarily “work for hire”, meaning that they don’t usually see the mega profits when a creation takes off, and many of them are freelancers that live check to check. If you’re coming here and reading this blog, you probably love comics…and it would be a good thing to lend a hand to someone that could use it.

Enough rambling for today. Until tomorrow, Excelsior!


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