An Adequate Holiday, From The Challengers of the @#$%ing Impossible.

Cap doesn't look all that happy, huh?

Cap doesn’t look all that happy, huh?

Being an Alien American, she’s not a big fan of Christmas. Heck, she’s not a big fan of Wookiee Life Day, or Robonukah, and those are holidays celebrated by Alien Americans. The whole season just tends to put her on edge, the same way that it does me.

This year, the holiday season hasn’t really been all “up in my face”, so I’m much, much softer on it than I usually would be. This is a good thing, really. In addition, it means that I’m only a few calendar days away from saying “@&*%$ YOU!” to 2016, and putting the year in the rear view mirror. I’m not alone in that sentiment, that 2016 has not been all that good a year. Honestly, it is just the way time is marked on the calendar…the ticking over of the odometer to 2017 won’t have any causal relationship to things being better. Still…I think it’s a milestone that we are looking forward to, and would in fact create a kind of positive mindset that will make 2017 get off to a better start, at least.

Normally, the holiday season presents all sorts of dumb little issues that I don’t like to deal with, being Jewish during this time of year. Somehow, this year the holidays, specifically Christmas, seemed to kind of sneak in with a kind of stealth, and just quietly go about their business. I’m perfectly okay with that. Everyone can have their Christmas, so long as they don’t force it on me, and also so long as they don’t expect me to give a @#$% about Channukah.

Today actually IS Christmas, though, and as a result, it is impossible to avoid. I will take that as a problem, though…being stuck with Christmas on the actual day of Christmas. I have a similar relationship with Thanksgiving…it kind of happens, and there’s no avoiding it. At that point, you just roll with the prevailing trend, knowing that it is just a day.

Still…the art is very much on point. It’s a lot like being stuffed in a bag of dubious heritage by a force that is pretty hard to oppose, and being hauled off somewhere. Somewhere that when you are let out of the big ol’ laundry bag, everyone expects you to be festive.

Many of you True Believers have been with Adequacy for a very, very long time. Some of you have just started reading. We are nearing the anniversary mark, and that always gets me thinking about how the strip has changed, and how my experiences have changed with it. From all of us here at the Fortress of Togetherness, we sincerely wish you an Adequate Holiday….whichever one it is.

Peace on Earth, and so on, and so forth.


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