Return of the Edumental! (Walking On The Sun)

As often happens, this is practically non fiction.

As often happens, this is practically non fiction.

Because I had an idea of what was coming, I decided to go completely “retro” with the process on today’s strip. I got out my old clipboard, and an old piece of drawing board, hauled myself to the comic book store, and gradually materialized the art over the course of my time there. No digital lettering, borders, or panels, no digital speech balloons. A completely “old school approach.”

What was coming was a dinner party at my neighbor’s place, which was pretty much suggested by the narration box. That wouldn’t be such a big deal, except one of the guests was going to be a fellow that I had not seen in years. This guy was the point person for a firm that was trying to set up a technology in education program at my old school, with software that simply didn’t work to do what it was supposed to. The whole thing was a colossal failure, with both parties really dissatisfied, and the program going completely unimplemented.

The whole relationship was pretty adversarial. I looked at the thing as a means of protecting my instructional time. My students were already so far behind, that it seemed irresponsible to theoretically waste class time on a system that ultimately wouldn’t work. By “wouldn’t work”, I also don’t mean that the students wouldn’t have serious gains, or be an effective system. I mean that that the most basic level, the computer programs wouldn’t start, or wouldn’t sign on the students…and we could spend a large amount of class time just trying to get that done.

As a result, I was a heavy critic, and eventually, the relationship between Pledge LA, the school, and the Edumentals ended. It seemed that their point man had rather a big “on the hook” for the project, and his last appearance in Adequacy was this “old school” page:

She didn't "chuck" the body.  She gently consigned it into the sun.

She didn’t “chuck” the body. She gently consigned it into the sun.

As I understand it, that guy left the Edumentals soon afterward. Go figure.

Needless to say…this is a pretty awkward setup for a dinner party. I wasn’t too happy about it, but figured that I needed to take it on the chin. The problem with being the “crusader” in education, and standing up for all kinds of “causes”, is that eventually you need to see people that are caught in the wake of that, as a kind of collateral damage.

It went okay. It would have to, right? I mean…everyone is supposed to be an adult. I brought a pretty serious pony, which helped, and really no one wanted to have a Thing at our mutual friend’s house. In fact…he seemed happier doing what he’s doing now, so in theory, it all played out well.

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