A Final Thought On 2016.

Yeah...I went ahead and drew it.

Yeah…I went ahead and drew it.

Even though Cap can split asteroids in half with her Alien American Super Strength, that hit isn’t doing too much good. That’s because that @#$% is the personification of an abstract concept, the year 2016. You can’t punch the living @#$% out of an abstract idea, or out of time itself, which is why the old geezer is laughing like a real @#$% about it.

Pony Torch can try and set that guy on fire, but again…abstract idea.

Railing against how crappy 2016 was, as a year, is pretty enticing. You really WANT to do it, because it was so depressing in so many ways. The thing is…going on and on about how crummy it was doesn’t change the fact that it happened, and it’s done. It can’t be changed, no matter how unhappy we are with it. Complaining is as effective as Cap’s mega punch above, and she can take on Kryptonians and Hulks.

That’s not to say that drawing the image wasn’t cathartic, it was. That’s why I drew it, and why I posted it. To get some of the anger and emotional content out, and on paper, and then move onward.

Once again….this was kind of intended to be part of the New Years’ Eve post, but these things take time to draw, you know? The “Quiet Room” cover art was so complex it took five hours to complete…so things like this made it to the rest of the weekend.

Tomorrow, Cap will be out of the New Years’ Suit, which is unflattering to her, and we will move onward and upward.


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