Another Rainy Day…

A pretty obscure mission, to be sure.

A pretty obscure mission, to be sure.

I still used digital borders and speech balloons on today’s content…we won’t be seeing that again for a few days. We will be going completely old school. I’m mostly happy with the way things came down on paper, but have issues with Vacation Time Pony’s wings. I wanted them to be kind of droopy, because, well…the actual pony has droopy wings. they didn’t come out how I wanted…but I have all weekend to perfect these things.

The lighting was atrocious. Fancy hotel rooms have this problem as a sort of Unified Field Theory of Lighting. Apparently, access to actual light is inversely proportional to fanciness. Who knew, right? Drawing in semi darkness is a bit problematic, but won’t be an issue today. Maybe the wings will work out right.

The Foreigner Belt, on the other hand, definitely SHOULD be kept out of the wrong hands. It gives the wearer all of the super powers of the 70’s supergroup Foreigner, and does not come with instructions. without a doubt, that’s a thing that you want to keep out of the hands of the “alt-right.” It’s no Infinity Gauntlet, but look at the situation we are in right now. Just reading the news in the morning is scary. I would definitely want the powers of 70’s supergroup Foreigner under lock and key.

Everywhere I go today, I intend to ask whether “they have the Foreigner Belt,” with absolutely no explanation of what the @#$% I am talking about. I look forward to the content that this should generate.

Time to pack up the old school artboards, True Believers!


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