The Last Day.

She loves that couch.

She loves that couch.

Vacation Time is over, pretty much. This is the last day. I go back to the Edu-Mountain, and my own personal Edu-Dungeon, tomorrow.

School Spirit Pony is looking on with a kind of disapproval because he thinks that I’m not really ready. He might be right. There’s a few logistical issues that I have no control over, that would radically change the shape of my very first lesson plan. Things like, “Did they actually deliver another forty laptops to my room?” or, “have they added a large number of new students to my roster, that may very well not be set up for that digital class system?” Those two are very much “biggies” and would seriously impact progress.

As a result, I have to sort of…plan around that. I have some ideas, and should do alright in setting up a constructive “filler” lesson while we get our sea legs, so to speak, about those kinds of things. The first two weeks or so are going to be a serious discussion of grammar. That’s because grammar is an almost foreign concept to modern students…little things, like the distinction between their, there, and they’re. If I’m honestly preparing these young people for college, I do need to stop a moment, and re address those things that should have been handled long ago.

So, yes…Adventures in Grammar are upcoming. I feel like the digital medium is really the way to go for that, so I really need it to be up and running. As a result, Murphy’s Law clearly states that it will not be.

Cap clearly failed to find the Foreigner Belt in Paso Robles, although you can see her raincoat and hat on the couch. You’d be surprised at how people responded to my inquiries. Everywhere that I went, I asked, “Do you have the Foreigner Belt?” Without batting an eye, they would just answer “no” and move on. No confusion, no inquiries as to what the @#$% I was talking about…just “no.”

They must have people looking for the Foreigner Belt up there ALL THE TIME.

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