Planning The Aether Revolt.

Cap is kind of ticked because Chandra is literally quite hot.

Cap is kind of ticked because Chandra is literally quite hot.

It has been a while since I did a post referencing the Magic: The Gathering Club. Since school restarted, we have reconvened, and the club has settled over the past months into a very consistent, likable entity.

At this point, we aren’t doing tournament play…that wound up too frustrating to manage in semester one. Maybe this semester we will do another March MODOK Madness Tournament, since that was fun last year. Instead of an organized tourney, the Regular Club Members, a pretty stable roster of nice kids who are dedicated players just show up at lunch. We informally break up into tables for games…sometimes a big game, sometimes smaller ones, always with the time pressure of thirty five minutes. There’s often a table talking about deck building, and refining deck lists that are in playtesting. It’s a really nice way to spend a lunch, honestly.

One of the students, knowing that Chandra is my favorite planeswalker character from the game, got me an action figure of the hotheaded magician. It was super sweet, and I’ve enshrined the figurine on my desk, keeping watch over all of the Magic: The Gathering related stuff. She even stands next to School Spirit Pony, who looks just like that, and is to scale. That planeswalker figure is the main reason for today’s team up, even if Cap is put out by the fact that Chandra seems to be a size two.

I lost (big time) in the last lunchtime game I played. It was GREAT. Just a nice, friendly game with two students, one of whom was pretty much the group’s founder. Spending quality time with young people on a shared pursuit…it’s hugely rewarding, and I think more teachers should attempt it. It just changes your whole day for the better.

I really didn’t get as into the Kaladesh release for Magic, which surprised me. I really thought I would enjoy it, and oddly, I felt like I WOULDN’T enjoy Eldritch Moon. I ended up loving the Eldritch Moon release…it was fun, the story was solid, and it had good mechanics.

The pre-release for the second part of Kaladesh, called “Aether Revolt” is this weekend. I don’t have any plans to do the pre-release…I think that is what kind of turned me off to the first part of Kaladesh. The players at the event were kind of jerks, and I just really had a sour taste from that. I stopped doing tournament play, and really, didn’t get too many more cards from the set. I had both Chandra cards after the pre-release, one of them being Extra Fancy, so I was doing okay.

The whole Kaladesh block is Chandra-centric, though. She’s even on the box art and promo art for the Aether Revolt release. As a result, I KNOW that I’ll be getting a mess of the cards when they officially release. Hopefully, that will revitalize my interest in deck design and deck building, if not in tournament play.

Maybe I’ll finally build that mono-colored deck only composed of cards that reference Chandra, or have her illustrated on them. I’ve always wondered how playable that kind of design would work out to be. If my interest in deck building revitalizes, that may very well be my own personal Aether Revolution.

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