Magic, The Gathering: She’s Just Warming Up!

Trying a different kind of line work out.

Trying a different kind of line work out.

So…I felt like I needed to do a brief, weekend post with Chandra art. Mostly because the Magic: The Gathering Club at school is pretty motivated about the game these days, and that has definitely “sparked” my interest.

I haven’t gone to any pre-release events, but I have researched the cards, and find the set compelling. I also have been working on a new deck build, and getting cards from the Internet, so that’s a Thing. It’s a Chandra intensive deck…hence why she is “warming up.”

In terms of the art…I hate drawing fire. As a result, I need to practice it more, making this an important task. We will probably see Chandra more, for that reason alone. Also, drawing goggles in the lowered, “on position” is way harder than you would think. It changes the whole expectation for how the face will come together. Big challenge.

Chandra first appeared in Lorwyn, which was a block when I wasn’t playing. Here is more of a Ravnica suited Chandra….still with the essential elements of her uniform, but no chain mail. The chain is a real hassle. I didn’t like Ravnica much, but everyone else seems to. Go figure.


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