Like A (Very Angry) Candle In The Wind…

While Cap learns to fly spaceships again, Chandra can have a day to herself.

While Cap learns to fly spaceships again, Chandra can have a day to herself.

Today is the “drop dead” deadline date for entering the Magic: The Gathering Club’s “Two Headed Giant” Tournament. That format is pretty much like doubles, for Magic. Each team consists of two players, who share life points and a turn, and act together. They win together or lose together, dependent upon how the game goes. I’m rather looking forward to it, even though the deck builds are entirely from the format called Standard, which is only the most recent blocks (back to about last year).

I’m also ready to beta test my “All Chandra” planeswalker driven red deck, which will not be legal for the tournament. I’m hoping to test the deck during lunch, as the tournament becomes finalized. The rule for deck construction was simple: all cards in it it had to have Chandra in the title, an illustration of the Chandra Nalaar character in the art, or a reference in the flavor text of the card. It was startlingly easy to put together, has a smooth mana curve, and is easily just under ten percent planeswalker cards as the “closers.” It will either be very playable, or completely unplayable…a thing that remains to be seen.

The playtesting of that deck is what drove the art for the day, obviously. I had mentioned that we would see more of Chandra Nalaar, since I am really, really working on improving my depiction of comic book style flames. Pretty important to be able to illustrate.

Oddly…whenever we begin to start a tournament in the club, it suddenly becomes plagued with Randos. These Randos really get in the way of the Event, so I had to send out an Official Club Message to deal with the proliferation of Randos. I have to say, after nearly getting killed on the freeway a day ago…I can accept this as a very, very reasonable problem.

On that subject…when I came to school after the accident (you know, the next day) I had students lined up waiting for me. Worried, happy, high fiving, awkwardly hugging me. A few of them said that they loved me like a parent, and made me promise never to get in so much trouble ever again. I, of course, agreed with them.

To anyone who says that teachers aren’t paid enough money, I would point out that there is no money equal to that kind of reception after a shocking accident. Young people give to you what you invest in them…if you treat them with respect, and like your own kids, they will provide a kind of support that just doesn’t happen elsewhere, in other jobs.

Plus, you can play Magic: The Gathering with them during lunch. Most jobs don’t let you have that kind of perk, either.


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