Even An Android Can Commute.

Cap looks pretty worried.

Cap looks pretty worried.

Kind of like I do, commuting.

Honestly, after a big car accident, you are a bit jittery behind the wheel. I’ve been doing well, but the morning commute has more stress to it than I am useful. I liked the loaner Camry, and feel kind of bad about its total destruction the other day. Right now I’m commuting in a big ol’ Pontiac Gran Prix, while my own beloved old Mercedes gets a complete repaint. I’ll have the Pontiac for a bit longer, since we are going to the trouble of rehabilitating the sheet metal on my car, to get rid of dings, and any rust that may have accumulated over three decades. That’s a process that involves time, because things have to dry, to set, and otherwise rely on natural, not technical processes. She should look just like when she rolled out of the showroom, when done.

That doesn’t make the commute any less stressful, though. It has been really nice though, the students really understand that I might be a bit shaken, and have been especially kind this week. That does give some serious motivation to actually “get back on the horse” as it were, and brave the commute itself.

Even the principal of the Edu-Mountian, First Among Edu-Lords, asked after how I was doing. Granted, she asked a few days after the fact, but she really isn’t known for her “people skills.” She seemed genuinely concerned, especially after seeing photos of the poor Camry.

Class has been going well, even with the disruption of Monday, and the near full conversion to digital assignment submission and content materials delivery. I’ve fallen into a rhythm with the class structure at least, where the presentation is done similarly, but with greater use of the LCD projector, and then we get to a virtually paperless work time with assistance from myself, and co-teachers. It’s a little more hi-tech than I prefer, but the world is changing around me. Apparently, universities and their applications are all digital now, and that is something I need to prepare for.

That’s the other thing going on with the art, today. Viv Vision is a helpful young Synthezoid, but really, Cap is being uneasily swept along with her. That’s partially the commute, and partially the idea of a Learning Management System that is all online, with internet services. It’s a big thing, that myself and my students are being pulled along with, and hoping for the best.

A No-Prize for anyone who figures out why Viv Vision shouldn’t be able to carry Cap and Ms. Marvel along, no matter how helpful she feels like being. By the way, a “No-Prize” is an old Marvel Comics tradition…where you get credit for the trivia, but no actual prize. Hence the “No-Prize.”

The pencils pre-lettering.

The pencils pre-lettering.

Also, I really like the Marvel comic “All New Champions”, and felt like I wanted some of the characters to make another appearance here. Viv especially is fun, for many of the reasons that Mr. Data was a fun character in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The central message of “Champions” is excellent…it has the premise of motivated, activism centered young superheroes attempting to do their best to improve the world. Not perfect kids, kids that have disputes with each other. Kids that are trying their best.

I kind of feel that way about my students quite often. Often enough, they sort of carry me, and each other, along through tough times.


4 thoughts on “Even An Android Can Commute.

  1. Viv Vision can only fly when she’s at minimal mass. So she can’t life anything. Maybe Cap is giving her a secret boost. . .

    • And…you have it. It’s impossible for Viv to carry people at minimum density. You earn the No-Prize, for certain.

      In fact, her intangible state should make it impossible to hold anyone, much less fly. Remember, her main defense is to become ghost like…the state that lets her fly in the first place.

      • Like Mass Master from Power Pack. Nice art, by the way. I particularly like the shading in Cap’s jacket.

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