When Cinderella Calls….

This guy?  Tough looking manga Cinderella, that's what.

This guy? Tough looking manga Cinderella, that’s what.

Today…something completely different.

I’ve been reading a lot more manga lately. There is a whole lot of it to read, and as a result, that’s a deep dive to theoretically do. I’ve read about half of “Cardcaptor Sakura” (which is fantastic), a small portion of Naruto, and about six volumes of “Dragonball/Dragonball Z.” I especially liked “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood,” and was okay with the very brief “Shuriken and Pleats.” I continue to read “Ultraman” and “One Punch Man” as they come out, and have already extolled the virtues of “Tiger and Bunny.”

There is still a HUGE amount of unexplored manga for me to look at. It’s kind of excellent.

Yesterday, I picked up “Dictatorial Grimoire,” which has a “Fables” like quality to it. At least…on its face it does. The premise is simple enough… Grimm Otogi is a descendant of the renowned Grimm Brothers. He has always regarded the fairy tales his ancestors created as pure fiction. He moves into an abandoned mansion (without parents to supervise him) and finds a mysterious book that seems to be calling to him. When opening the book, a demon jumps out and attacks him. Well…let’s be fair…the “demon” is a male Cinderlla (hence the art above, because he looks really @#$%ing cool). Cinderella is pretty hostile, ordering him to fight or die. Now, Otogi has to seal all the Märchen Demons from the Grimm Brothers’ original stories to survive…but he has the help of Cinderella as a sort of mystical hitman.

Cinderella is supernaturally fast, tough, can fence…and wait for it—has Supreme Dominion over things made of Glass. Including his slippers, which go over his boots.

How did I not know of this madness before?

I read a good chunk of it last night, and look forward to continuing on with it. I’m just past the point where the male, but corset wearing Snow White has been partially defeated, but not sealed in the book. Snow is pretty much MADE of poison, which is handily cured by Cinderella (a handsome prince) kissing the poisoned protagonist, Grimm. It’s sort of a crazy mashup of “Disney Princess” and “Fifty Shades of Grey,” with manga sensibilities. I kind of can’t wait to sit down with it again.

With such a turbulent last week, it was very nice to end it with such an unexpected positive.

Artistically, I really wanted to draw Cinderella, as he appears in the story. Drawing his hair was a huge, huge epic hassle…the line work for good manga is really very, very different than my method. His appearance is interesting enough that Cinderella has a real chance of making further appearances here, if only to have the excuse to practice the line work, and eventually draw his shoes.

If you are interested in the book, you can always grab it here, from Amazon. I grabbed the phone book thick “Complete Collection”…the link is for the first volume, “Dictatorial Grimoire: Cinderella.”

One thought on “When Cinderella Calls….

  1. Based on this post, I ordered Dictatorial Grimoire, the Complete Collection. It arrived yesterday. I haven’t read it yet, but it looks cool. And it’s thick as a local phone book. I was surprised that it reads right to left in the Japanese fashion. I know this is just a convention of no importance, but it makes the book seem a bit subversive for some reason, in a good way.

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