Unyielding Protectors.

Cap looks kind of worried, but at least she has a new friend.

Cap looks kind of worried, but at least she has a new friend.

Yesterday, California successfully passed laws to become a “Sanctuary State.” It’s a pretty good step toward dealing with Mr. Trump’s discriminatory policies on immigration. The same day, the City of San Francisco’s Attorney General filed suit against Mr. Trump and the U.S. Government, for violating the 10th Amendment rights of citizens of his city. Other cities and states have followed suit. It give some hope that within the system, we can get things done to prevent that sort of Oppressive Regime.

The art above features “Ajani, Valiant Protector,” a planeswalker in the current Magic: The Gathering Release, “Aether Revolt.” Aether Revolt’s plotline is about a resistance to an oppressive regime on Kaladesh, so it seems strangely on point for the current occurrences in American politics. I just built a deck around the Unyielding Protector, and played it today at the club. It went really well, although it is a complicated deck to “manage” during play, because it has effects that trigger at odd times in the sequence of play.

Ajani seems very much a character that would fit in with the setting of the Edu-Mountain as well, being a hyper evolved Lion person. That’s kind of the whole point of being at the Edu-Mountain…hyper evolution of the young ones. That’s why Ajani seemed to want to get drawn today…both because I managed to kick @#$ with him in a fancy new deck, and also because he is the Unyielding Protector. That’s what he does…it’s his job. Cap has been working pretty hard at that lately, and seemed like she could use a new friend, given how uneasy she looks.

She looks uneasy because sure…those laws are good step, and so are the lawsuits. Clearly, the Iron Patriot Suit was stocked up with good stuff earlier this week (thanks Applejack)! Still…it is a long road out of this dark time. When reading articles today about the Sanctuary State legislation, I made the mistake of scrolling down to the “Comments” section of the article. In that section, I saw a hugely long collection of generally backwards and racist commentary. It was really depressing and generated some serious unease…because it really is worrisome that those opinions are SO prevalent in our culture. It’s precisely that which has Cap looking so troubled next to her huge new friend…because on first examination, it seems like the legal steps to set thing right might actually be at odds with the hidden thoughts of the small minded.

Getting to school helped that. Being around the young people who deserve to have the promised Sanctuary, to live in peace and prosperity here, contributing to our culture….that helped to mitigate the negative influence of the Internet Trolls. It helped a whole lot, to be honest. I get the feeling that the sorts of people that have those ideas don’t deal often enough with the Actual People who would be on the receiving end of their hatred and small mindedness.

Although…having Ajani turn a puny 3/3 Mojeshtam into a 25/25 trampler helped a whole lot too.


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