The Galileo Effect.

Ms. Marvel does make a good point.

Ms. Marvel does make a good point.

I’m putting this post up just before my morning commute, obviously. I had the art and digital transfer done late last night, but felt like I wanted to turn in, as opposed to writing this brief post for today. Sleep is important, and it’s not like I couldn’t find the time in my morning.

Episodes of Star Trek have some simple formulas that were established early on, and usually work pretty well. One of them is this simple truism: if you have to use a shuttlecraft….it’s probably going to crash. You WILL be losing Red T-Shirt Men, if they were in the shuttle with you. That’s a Thing.

Pretty much, you only use the shuttlecraft if you can’t use the beam, and you almost always can’t use the beam because of incredibly dangerous conditions. Those conditions, almost invariably, will cause damage to the shuttle, and in turn create the premise for much of the episode.

The conditions outside are almost identical to the day a couple of weeks ago where I trashed that rental Camry, so these thoughts are very much on my mind. Interestingly, I think they might be on the minds of my students as well. I say that because yesterday, a rainy Monday, has about twenty five percent of my students absent. It was incredible, and one of the only unifying conditions that seemed to suggest it was the poor weather. Perhaps my students also aren’t comfortable with driving under bad conditions.

With a report card due in a few days, it probably wasn’t the best choice for them.

The panel one pencils, sans text.

The panel one pencils, sans text.

I decided to post the Panel One pencils as well, because I thought they came out really well. Sometimes, I just do that.

Just as a side note, “The Galileo Seven” is one of my favorite episodes of Classic Star Trek.

That said, I’m going to try to not wreck my shuttlecraft right now.

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