The Wrath of Stargrave…

Brainiac 5 and Saturn Girl have clearly had better days.

Brainiac 5 and Saturn Girl have clearly had better days.

Why is the lethal Coluan Android named Pulsar Stargrave on Cap’s case? That’s because this is a very heavy handed metaphor for the fact that my report card was due today, and I had to make two completely unrelated grade reporting systems communicate with one another. Much like the beams of Insano-Energy streaming forth from Stargrave’s hands, it seemed to be more annoying than really damaging, a thing that slowed me down but didn’t really impede any kind of progress.

Stargrave is a pretty good analogy here for the whole system of grade reporting. Pulsar Stargrave has hazy and conflicting origins, and is pretty much an A-list problem. You can’t just get rid of him, he easily withstood the combined might of Lightning Lad, Star Boy, Saturn Girl, and Star Boy. That’s some class A invulnerability, the kind completely produced by District Policy decisions. Once the district says they are sticking with something, they do until they just plain CAN’T. In addition, Stargrave’s epic powers are very much related to how much both grading report systems are capable of completely losing your work, which is frustrating as hell. In his first encounter with the Legion, he literally punched Superboy off the planet…which is pretty similar to my system losing an entire class worth of grade reports, that I needed to spend time figuring out how to repair. That time was a whole lot like Stargrave’s Energy Blasts, which capable of sending people through time.

If by “sending people through time” you mean, “sending me backward in time.” Frustrating, but solvable.

The grades are done, at long last. Unlike Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5, I had the mental endurance to outwit the Computer Tyrant, instead of folding to his superstrength and mind reading. @#$% those time blasts too.

I also really felt like drawing some old school legion inspired stuff…and so we have the art above.


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