Hangin’ With Geordi.

Looks like Geordi and Cap are in nothin' but trouble today.

Looks like Geordi and Cap are in nothin’ but trouble today.

What did Cap and Geordi do to piss off that Space Goddess? Did that directly result in breaking Worf’s Asthma Inhaler, or was there some other adventure that damaged the Klingon’s respiratory aid? We may never know, because although thos is fun and whimsical, it was pretty random, and honestly, wound up being a complete @#$% to draw and post.

Well worth it though, because Geordi LaForge is quite possibly my favorite Star Trek character. Longtime readers know this, since he has made a number of appearances in the past. Usually some kind of trouble, usually on ambiguous adventures with Cap that might 9or might not) be a date gone horribly wrong.

It’s Black History month, and this year, I’m not doing big book reports on the history of African Americans in comics. Instead, I’m just doing appearances of characters and content that I really like, because that’s awesome. Geordi got my attention again here because I’ve been playing a bunch of Star Trek: Timelines on my tablet, and I have leveled up Mr. LaForge to be one of the best characters that I have. A total “go to” for all missions. In so doing, I’ve apparently also completely alienated the Ferengi, started a conflict with the Mirror Universe, and offended the religious establishment of Bajor. Seems par for the course, with the illustration above.

I didn’t draw Cap and Geordi accidentally disintegrating Troi’s new boyfriend. Maybe in an upcoming issue.


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