Homeward Bound, Part Two.

Continuing yesterday's content...

Continuing yesterday’s content…

Artistically, I’m still trying to stay very retro, kind of “indie” here. I was pretty unsatisfied with Panel Two, overall, and have been having all kinds of lighting issues. That said, I’m okay with the panels as such…panel two has challenges, like Cap’s hand, which I was working at giving the impression of a glove, and the white cuff of her jacket which seems odd to me there….even though it is the same cuff that the jacket has always had.

I think maybe the problem is that I like the way Panel One came out so much, except for some oddities of lighting. It’s a pretty stark contrast in feeling about panels. Still, I pretty heavily feel the influence of being fully immersed in “Persepolis” with my students…it really promotes a variance of model from panel to panel, and more of an emphasis on composition than on direct draftsmanship. I think on some level Persepolis has made me sensitive to the contrast of the pencils against the digital lettering, the harsh black versus the black and white treatment of pencils.

All of that, of course, avoids the topic of the post…which is my trip to see my family, which grows ever closer.

The thing that really put it over the top was my father actually writing some kind of letter, and sending along that chain. Neither of those things are typical behavior, and it sort of set a tone for what might be happening. It made it clear that if there were any hope of squaring things away between the two of us, I needed to actually put some effort in, before we were past the point of no return.

Along the way, it seems like there’s a number of things that need looking into. I haven’t seen my sister in close to twenty years, but we both agree that there seem to be some inconsistencies in reports about our father’s health. We are set up to see his oncologist, pretty much removing the filter from communications, and letting us get to the bottom of things. The more I think about it, the more modestly I’m depressed by the idea that the first time I actually see my sister, in decades, will be because we aren’t sure we are being told the whole truth.

Kind of par for the course, but still…a depressing reality.

Previous strips have established Cap as adopted, like me. I’ve kind of spoken a bit in those posts about what it’s like being adopted, and the sort of ideas it cultivates, the unusual feelings. I’ve never really talked much about my actual parents, my real family, because much like Cap…I live so far away from them as to make them not really a day to day concern. The tuning fork pretty strongly establishes that Cap’s family are Inhumans, or in this case, Inhuman Americans. Inhumans, after all, use the tuning fork type equipment (usually in tiaras or headpieces) to focus various forms of energy that they might generate. If she got a tuning fork as an heirloom, it pretty much suggests that her family are Inhumans.

I’ve previously established the parallels between the current interpretation of the Inhumans as a minority group in Marvel Comics to the actual life of Jewish people in the real world…so that’s clearly on point here. I think it’s why Cap’s back in her old Inhumans Style Jacket…as the political climate here has been changing, and Anti-Semitism is on the rise, I think I’ve subconsciously put her back in that suit.

Panel One, on its own.

Panel One, on its own.

Many of my friends and students have expressed concern, and given me tons of good advice for this brief trip. Most everyone gets that it is in fact, a Big Deal. That’s a good thing, and this morning I did a fun series of Photo Ops with my students in homeroom, to put their minds at ease. Apparently, our “Breakfast Club” and “Abbey Road” images are destined for the yearbook.

Next Issue in “Homeward Bound”—Epic Drama! Be there!


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