Homeward Bound, Part Three.

Non-fiction, True Believers...

Non-fiction, True Believers…

The other day, I attempted to figure out some of the schedule for my trek home while talking to my father on the phone.. This proved useless, so I asked to speak to my mother.

That went pear shaped so quickly, I can’t really relay the reality of it very well at all. Ultimately, she pulled one of her usual stunts, which is to make make the villain of the story as it were, and promptly hang up on me. Suffice it to say that I was fully prepared to take a financial loss and boycott the trip entirely. That’s how foul things turned, and how quickly. I’ve never had all that great a relationship with my mom, but it was unexpectedly and completely unnecessarily off the chain. Think “Jerry Springer”, and we are pretty much on point.

My sister talked me down from a boycott a few hours later, although I’m not sure how. I haven’t seen her in decades, and we speak irregularly on the phone…a practice that first started a few years ago. Oddly, that’s the most positive relationship that I have in my family—so I really didn’t want to go @#$%ing it up. As a result, I’m still going to visit my family and get to the bottom of my father’s health issues, despite the fact that my mother seems to be packed full with Pure Satanic Energy.

Oddly, it had pretty much put in place the art design for Cap’s mother pretty easily….the rest of Cap’s family is as yet “undefined” artistically. That’s the “bright side”, at least creatively.

in the real world…I’m not really good at letting slights go, whether they are real or imagined, so I really can’t be sure how things will play out on that front. The only thing that I do know is that in a few short hours, I’ll be getting on an airplane to see people that I haven’t seen in close to twenty years.

Not feeling too great about that.


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