Sunday Bonus Post: Riri Williams, Ironheart.

I'm quite happy with this.

I’m quite happy with this.

So yes, it’s Black History Month, and it is long overdue for me to both illustrate, and talk about Riri Williams.

The end of “Civil War II” saw Tony Stark (Iron Man) critically injured in a conflict over super profiling, and in a coma that he could not be revived from. As a result, in one book, “Infamous Iron Man”, Victor Von Doom takes over the business of being Iron Man. In “Invincible Iron Man” Riri Williams, a 15 year old African American genius takes on the role, initially using a suit of armor built in her garage.

The fist issue was well written and excellently illustrated, and the book has remained consistent along the first story arc. Well worth picking up.

The comic starts with little Riri, 5 years old and bored at school. it alternates timelines from that point to the present, flashing forward to Riri’s first real showdown with a super villain and the steps of her life that lead to her to it. Bendis constructs her origin by centering it on the garage-turned-engineering-lab where Riri builds her suit, and integrating supporting cast with her family and best friend. i usually find “origin stories” a bit boring, but it was a workable and charming execution.

The book isn’t without controversy, like seemingly everything these days. Various websites and online groups got very, very upset with certain variant covers, feeling that they had either over sexualized or in some cases “whitewashed” the character of Riri. There were some valid points there, in that she is supposed to be a 15 year old African American girl, not a twenty something or a white person. those dispites actually informed what I drew today, and in fact I’ve been seriously delaying drawing Ms. Williams until I thought that I could “get it right.”

Have a good Sunday, True Believers, and pick up “Invincible Iron Man,” either in print or digital comics, if you like reading comics. It’s a very solid read.

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