Homeward Bound, Part Ten.

This also pretty much happened.

This also pretty much happened.

You would think that I would be comfortable around kids, being a teacher and all that.

The thing is…my sisters have kids that are six years old and under. Considerably younger than the ages that I’ve dealt with in education. Small children tend to not be all that interesting to me…they run around, they tend to be pretty loud, and there’s not much that you can talk with them about. I always feel like small kids should be more supervised than they are…all the running, jumping and yelling seems like a series of bad habits that later middle school teachers will only have to curb anyway.

The sister that I have a kind of relationship with has two kids, a boy and a girl. The girl is six, and the boy is…three? When they get small enough, it’s kind of vague to me. Those two kids were actually pretty interesting. The girl thought I was “funny” for an adult…with my superhero clothing and my big Airplane Time Pony that I took everywhere with me. She also thought the way that I talk was pretty hilarious, and immediately started to use some of my more common phrases.

The boy tended to fall down a whole lot. He liked colorful toys, and swimming, and cars and trucks. Apparently, he also got a big kick out of Airplane Time Pony. Not a bad little guy, but talking wasn’t really his thing.

My other sister has three kids. Three! The oldest is also a six year old girl, and she @#$%ing loves Ponies. Pretty much, I showed up with what was the Congressional Medal of Coolness, just by having a Pony. Unlike the first six year old girl, she was much more shy…and really doesn’t have adults to talk about ponies with. Her two younger siblings were too young to be very interesting…one put on a big show of thinking she was very cute, and the other doesn’t talk, just kind of cries.

Still…I was apparently something of a hit. The kids wanted to sit next to me, and explore the things that I wear and carry…my bluetooth Star Trek combadge, my painted nails, my arc reactor ring. Things that light up and make sounds. I had no idea that I was so little kid accessible.

I was definitely a giant hit the second day, when I had managed to get to a store, and get them Beanie Baby sized Ponies. Pretty popular selection, and for some reason, mystifying to the other adults. It didn’t seem that complicated…they like ponies…they SAY they like ponies…I got them ponies.

“How did you know what they like?” I was asked like, a thousand times.

“They told me when I was sitting with them. I listened to them, and then got the things they said they liked.”

Believe it or not, this was still attributed to some sort of magic on my part.

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