Homeward Bound, Part Twelve.

Yeah, what she said.

Yeah, what she said.

There comes a point in every mission when you are done, and it is time to go home. You’ve done what you can, boots on the ground and so forth, and you need to make the judgment call to pack it in, and go home.

That’s what this is really about. I’m referencing an unsatisfactory ending….the setting is the Guardian of Forever, from one of the best Star Trek episodes ever. Kirk has accomplished his mission, saved all of space and time, but feels pretty @#$%ing crummy about it anyway. He grumbles, “Let’s get the hell out of here,” into the communicator, and the episode closes on a somber, unexpected note.

By the time we had gotten halfway through the last dinner, I felt pretty much the same way. There was a meet up with my sister and her husband afterward, for drinks, but honestly…Airplane Time Pony and I were already set to put things in the rear view mirror. Maybe it had to do with how depressed and weak my father seemed, maybe it had to do with my mother being as difficult as she could. Maybe it had a whole lot to do with feeling like an outsider…something I need to bear a decent amount of responsibility for. We all make choices, and I made plenty that separated me from my family in both time and space.

Most days, I’m just fine with that. These sort of things…they put into focus the choices that I have made, both good and bad, and where that puts me with respect to the people who are supposed to be my family.

It’s sobering…angering to some degree. It was smart that the trip was brief, because after a few days, it was definitely, “Lets get the @#$% out of here” time.

That’s all today’s art is about, as the plot line here draws to a close. One more post in Homeward Bound, True Believers.


5 thoughts on “Homeward Bound, Part Twelve.

  1. I’m sorry that your dad’s sick and that the time you spent with your mom was challenging. But I’m glad you got to see your sisters, nieces, and nephews. Family is important.

    • Ha! You would think, right?

      I’ve told my parents about it more than once, but there has been zero interest. My sister (the one I get along with) is aware of the site, and has her own first appearance as a framed print.

      That’s about it though. No real interaction with it, although they saw me drawing it, and heard me discussing it with the kids.

  2. I was thinking about your reference to the Guardian of Forever in this post. It’s fair to say that watching this Star Trek episode in the late 1970s was probably my first exposure to sci-fi time travel. My kids, on the other hand, just watched X-Men Days of Future Past for the first time last night, providing a very different introduction to science fiction time travel. Interestingly, despite all the action/violence in the more contemporary film, it lacks the nuance and tough choices of the classic Star Trek episode.

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