Homeward Bound, Part Thirteen.

Finally putting "Homeward Bound" in the proverbial rear view mirror.

Finally putting “Homeward Bound” in the proverbial rear view mirror.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this post, except for the fact that it’s covering important plot ground…Airplane Time Pony and Cap do have to get back to Los Angeles, after all. Normally, I don’t really make such an effort for continuity, but I completely detest air travel, so it seemed that it needed to be commemorated in some way.

The flight, itself, was a bit of an adventure. A storm in Houston had us sitting on the tarmac for an hour, because they closed that airport, where I had a connecting flight. That resulted in a change of plans. in Houston. The initial plan was to hang out in the United Lounge until the flight, and calmly board after being in as low stress an environment as I could find. The NEW plan was to pretty much run all the way across the airport in ten minutes, to just board the plane as they were preparing to close the @#$%ing door.

Nice, right?

Still…it’s done. Arrival safe and sound, back in Los Angeles, and back in school as normal.

It has been a bit since I drew a vehicle in motion, so I felt like I should. One thing led to another, and we got the post above…which actually has the most “action” of the whole “Homeward Bound” plot.


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