Homeward Bound, Epilogue.

@#$%'s about to get REAL at the Edu-Mountain...

@#$%’s about to get REAL at the Edu-Mountain…

That happened.

I took contractually allowed time, as per my actual employment contract, to see my father and get to the bottom of his medical condition, and wasn’t paid for those days. Wasn’t paid for those days despite having told the Principal, and the office staff member who tally’s the payroll. When I looked back in time about a month…it turns out they also docked me for the day that I could have been killed in an accident while driving a rental car.

You think Cap looks angry in the art above? Nothing compared to how angry I was. Heck, how angry I am.

Obviously, it’s a matter of contract, and it will get resolved, but it really shouldn’t have to.

All I know is the next time, at a staff meeting, that i have to hear this phony “We are all a family here” talk that often happens, I’m pretty sure to throw up in my mouth a little bit. Because the “work family” saw fit to dock my pay for visiting my actual family.

I’m told that I will be paid as soon as possible, in an “off cycle check.” My response was pretty straightforward…”I think you should invent a time machine, so that you can pay me by yesterday.” Which, incidentally, would be the correct day, so it wasn’t JUST trash talk.


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