Not Quite Wheaties….

This pony personifies my feelings on Tuesday morning.

We had an unexpected hiatus of two days here. That’s because I had a devastating and sudden migraine, which really impaired my ability to draw. I did haul myself into school though, and Things Got Done, which is a good thing. That said, it was a pretty big effort, and drawing actually started at Breakfast In The Classroom on Tuesday.

Digital conversion simply would not work in my classroom…a bizarre lighting problem just prevented it completely. As a result, I didn’t post this in the afternoon as intended, and out two day hiatus was created. If you True Believers are anything like the Edu-Lords, you will find a way to dock me in some way, despite having a legitimate and acceptable reason for the two days.

Again…the pony above personifies how I felt during Breakfast in the Classroom, when I drew the piece. Migraines are rough…and despite having slept off the bulk of it, I was still massively run down. I just didn’t really want to deal with the shenaningans of homeroom…the students struggling to use resources to finish homework due later in the day, the inevitable tardies, the really, really loud and usually useless Public Address announcements. All of it seemed like just a bit too much, like it could have been just a bit quieter and a bit calmer.

Thankfully, my classes ran a bit quieter and a bit calmer afterward. I’m pretty certain the students could sense that I was off my game, as it were.

Notice that Cap isn’t in today’s strip. I’m figuring that’s because she’s pretty @#$%ing mad that her pay was docked at the Edu-Mountain. Clearly, some of that ire also made it to the pony’s pretty sullen attitude in the artwork. It was on my mind all day. When suddenly, I’m being asked to do all sorts of extra things, the three days total that I wasn’t paid for seemed to just sort of materialize in my vision, like an illustration in a thought balloon. It made it pretty easy to say the word “no.” Not a whole lot of explanation, either…I was too run down for that…just “no.”

Some adults were really confused by this. I’m usually much more agreeable to doing extra tasks, especially students centered ones. If I don’t do them, there’s usually some kind of long winded explanation. Just a tired “no” was pretty jarring. There were repeated questions, as if I just didn’t hear them, which usually got a head shake, and a redirection of my attention.

To be clear…I was actually asked today to supervise and/or participate in two “school spirit” activities later this month, and to present at the meetings that we would be having later in the day. That seems excessive to begin with, but the irony of participating in school spirit activities was not lost on me. School spirit is usually something that I am exactly NO good at, but after handing a paycheck or two to me that is suspiciously light? Uncool.

Also…not really anyone’s business. A good rant about it might have been satisfying, but in reality…I just don’t care. That’s a dangerous feeling for a teacher to have, because the amount that you care is directly proportional to the amount that your students will care.

I’m thinking that after the side effects of the migraine pass, I might feel better about the whole thing. Not that I’m running out to do extra things, mind you….just not as inherently negative.

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