Outta (Daylight Savings) Time!

All Deloreans are time machines. Everyone knows that.

So yes…Daylight Savings Time is upon us once again, hence this weekend post. Long Time Readers know that I have a particular contempt for the practice of Daylight Savings Time…somehow, it invariably makes my commute less pleasant by far, and deprives me of much valued sleep.

Often, the Daylight Savings Time posts involve Benjamin Franklin being punched, really, really hard. Although that catharsis is fun, it has pretty much been determined that Ben Franklin is not so easily defeated by Super Punching. Maybe he’s a Time Lord, maybe his dumb steampunk @#$ has some kind of primitive steam powered bionics that let him take a hit really well, I don’t know. I don’t really care that much either, I’m just saying, it seems pretty useless to try and beat Daylight Savings time by using a time machine to Super Punch its inventor.

In this case, Cap and Pony are using the time Machine to attempt to just avoid Daylight Savings Time entirely, which seems like a smart plan. From the looks on their faces as they check the watch, though, they have been as successful in avoiding it as I am. Poor bastards.

Pony is especially pissed, because they are dressed for a trip to the 80’s and driving a vehicle from the 80’s, suggesting a Field Trip to the 80’s or even an 80’s party. Pony likes those things a whole lot, because ponies are FROM the 80’s…and it looks like Pony only got Daylight Savings time for all the trouble here.

Remember to change your time pieces, True Believers.

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