Hearts Of Darkness.

It is midterm grading week.

Grading season is kind of overwhelming. You have this vast amount of work to grade, as well as late work coming in. You need to teach class, as well as double check the paperwork that rules the grades themselves. Attendance matters, as well as the comments that go on the report card. That’s a huge amount of detail to be double checked, rechecked, and checked again.

Honestly…at this point, considering how many times I have asked for late work, I feel a lot like Cap with her giant @#$%ing laser. Meaning…unsympathetic. I have given chance after chance after chance to get work in…if at this point, there is some kind of problem, I don’t feel the least bit bad about the idea that it might have to be resolved on the following report card. Just like the Challengers here are being overwhelmed by annoying little demon creatures, the beginning of a “grades due” week is filled with every student that didn’t care too much before, suddenly acting like an angel and asking for some sort of favor.

Don’t get me wrong…I like my students a great deal. It’s just that there is this “last minute” propensity that is very, very hard to deal with at times. One of those times is the grading period, where very suddenly, my class seems to matter. This grading period is especially relevant, since all of the students know that we will be having the “Open House” night the following week.

If I am to prepare my students for the real world, I have to harden my heart to excuses this week. Quite literally I have asked for later work on a rolling schedule for nine weeks now…if it hasn’t been turned in yet, it just can’t make the deadline. Much like the reality that if I fail to pay my power bill, i won’t have lights on in my house. It doesn’t matter what the excuses are…in reality, some deadlines are fixed, and simply need to be met. As much as anything in my course content, that is a real lesson that must be learned, and that I need to be willing to teach.

It would be different if it were the final report card, or course.

That said…there are some students for whom it is already statistically impossible for them to pass my class. Too many missed classes combined with too many missed assignments. We are at the halfway point, and I actually have a fixed number of students that have never turned in a single assignment. That group is an “irreducible minimum” that at this point needs to make the class up by some other means.

Obviously, today’s action filled content is all about that, in a metaphorical sense. The Challengers of the @#$%ing Impossible, or the new Fantastic Four, perhaps, are rolling out in force to deal with this horde of low rent demonic bad guys, with a grim resolve…much like the way I will be dealing with the book keeping. I felt like the strip needed some more direct action, and this is what happened, given my mind set.

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