Actions speak louder than trash talk.

In 1977, “Star Wars” taught me an important lesson: you DON’T let the tentacle monster grab you and drag you down, you DO dispatch it as soon as possible with a giant @#$%ing laser. That’s as true now as it was then, and here we see Cap, still in her shabby coat, doing just that.

What’s this about? Mostly, it is a continuation of the “grading week” metaphor, True Believers. Yesterday, after school, I very much caught up on my grading, dispatching the growing Shapeless Fantasy Monster that had been growing in my Edu-Dungeon. It isn’t completely defeated, that won’t happen for another ten weeks…but at this point, I am very, very up to date. A few things need to be fine tuned, and students are just now getting it in their heads that a report card is on its way, even though I have been talking about this for a week or so now.

The student revelation about a report card being due is what will inevitably cause a stressful “second wave.” Just like in comics and film, where the Shapeless Monster has seemingly been defeated, it suddenly jumps up for another round with the heroes. In that same vein, in the next 36 hours I’ll have a sudden rush of assignments that students will expect me to have graded almost instantly, and I will have to handle that will the same cool, dispassionate manner that Cap is above.

Not much else to talk about here. I was thinking heavily about Cable and the Punisher while drawing this, as well as trying to get back to the Edu-Mountain setting roots. We’ve seen a bunch of that “return to roots” in the last week or so, with the Grim Dragon, the Mountain itself, and yesterday’s Ravenous Horde of Random Fantasy Beasts. so, there’s that going on.

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